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About Nexus

Nexus is a University of Connecticut custom web application. Nexus was built to complement the university’s decentralized student support services and to enhance communication and information sharing between students, staff, and faculty. Tools include appointment scheduling, note sharing, event registration, and much more. Nexus data analytics support early intervention efforts as part of the university wide effort to increase student success.

An advising suite of tools that feature:
Universal Notes to record interactions with students and store documents
Appointment Scheduling Calendar streamlines scheduling, syncs with calendars, and sends reminders to students
Check-In Kiosk to monitor student traffic, increase office efficiency, and generate aggregate traffic pattern reports
Event Planner for hosting events and managing student registration
Rolodex Clusters for sending and analyzing email marketing campaigns
Early Intervention tools to identify students at risk and foster intervention efforts
Communication with Peoplesoft Student Administration System, the university's official system of academic records

A tutoring platform that features:
Tutoring reports to document tutoring sessions with students
Front desk check in system with the ability to schedule in advance using the appointment scheduling tool
Customized check-in alerts based on courses/topics being tutored
Live snapshots and dashboard statistics
Report tools to track individual and aggregate tutor activity

A student hub that features:
24/7 access to schedule with people and services at a time that is convenient for you
Study Group tool to organize study groups and share documents
GPA ' what if ' tool for calculating gpa needed to reach target cumulative gpa
Peer Mentoring lists to connect students with undergraduate student mentors
Event registration for future events, and historical records of past events attended
Non-Degree class decision making tool for newly admitted and readmitted students
Suggested resources individualized for each student
Mobile-friendly, responsive interface

Institutional Research support:
Providing data analysis for planning, institutional effectiveness, and decision making
Tracking individual and aggregate student activity
Data integration with other data sources
Connecting academic and behavioral data
Improving student success and time to graduation

Department and Program connections:
Faculty and staff can connect to programs through the many academic networks of Nexus
Network members control sharing of their information and customize processes to be best suited for their network
Unlimited networking opportunities supports users joining multiple networks
Cross-campus platform connects users and information across all UConn campuses
164 networks currently set up to use Nexus

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