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Frequently Asked Questions

Click questions below for answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. Which departments are currently using Nexus?

Many departments at the various UConn campuses use Nexus. The extent to which they use Nexus varies by department. The complete listing of departments set up to use Nexus can be found below. This list is dynamic with new departments being added each semester.

2. Who can use Nexus?

All users with both an active NetID and a Student Admin ID can log into the student portal of Nexus. The Admin portal is only open to users affiliated with a UConn department. Faculty, Staff, and Departments interested in using Nexus can contact a Nexus admin for details about having a profile created for themselves or their department.
Student Portal Admin Portal

3. Does Nexus replace Student Administration?

Nexus in no way replaces the Peoplesoft Student Administration system. The Peoplesoft Student Administration system is the official system for academic records, degree audit, enrollment, and other key functions. Nexus stores its own unique data that is not found in other systems. Nexus is intended to supplement the Student Administration system, not duplicate it in any way.

4. Is this application for both undergraduate and graduate programs?

Both undergraduate and graduate programs are using Nexus. Some of the system's data analytics apply exclusively to the undergraduate population, while other are inclusive of the graduate student population. The majority of Nexus tools are applicable to all departments, students, staff, and faculty.

5. Why can't I see what my colleague sees?

What you see is a function of your account type, your personal preferences, and your department/network preferences.